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History of the PHARMA-STOK Company

Welcome on page of our company.
Our enterprise is in a picturesque place of Europe, at slopes of Carpathians at the regional centre named Ivano-Frankivsk. My name Vitaly Fedchuk and I'm the General director of "PHARMA-STOK". You can at any time contact us through this site or on E-mail: fedchuk@itc.if.ua

"Farma-Stock" Ltd was established in December, 1994 by group of citizens of Ukraine. In a few years shares of the corporation were reallocated and since 1998 95% of the shares belongs to my family.

In the pharmaceutical market of Ivano-Frankivsk area it was one of several maiden private concerns, which one has compounded a competition for a state pharmaceutics.
With help of the credit, hardly obtained in bank, the corporation began activity, having organized five trade places on implementation of medical drugs. In one year 15 trade pavilions operated. At this time number of the workers was increased with 10 up to 18 persons. In parallel with development of trade of medical drugs the outlook of the corporation was designed on way of production.
The representative of international organization "BESSO" were engaged for rendering of the practical help in organization of production of medicines together with the Chemical company "BARVA" and Ivano-Frankivsk liqueur-vodka affiliation.
In due to changes of the founders and management of the firm this activity has stopped and connection were lost. Since 1997 the legislation of Ukraine in an orb of a pharmaceutics essentially has changed and the new management has headed for increase and dilating of volumes of implementation of medical production. For one year the corporation managed essentially to increase implementation of medicines, and it has compounded 290000$ in 1998. During 1998 it was possible to construct three new trade pavilions, two of them - in capital buildings.
The corporation has gained a new building for organization and discovering of one more drugstore. Besides, near to this building the project for building of double-storied building for producing the medical drugs and mechanics, and also office building is designed. There are some ideas concerning of opening of hospital, or even of diagnostic center.

One more relevant schedule of the corporation is discovering our representations in other locales, specially it is actual in a mountain massif, where practically there are no any pharmaceutical firms and trade pavilions.

Our Executive Team
Vitaliy Fedchuk, General Director

Anna Markovetska, General Counter

Maria Fedchuk, Comercial Director

Uliana Urbanovich, Distribution Specialist

Mission Statement
PHARMA-STOK Company is committed to providing new contacts and services.

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Central Office of PHARMA-STOK

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